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Twitter your Energy

July 23rd, 2009 by NearInteraction

German utility company Yello Strom is clearly into accessible tech: it manages its meters directly via households’ broadband connections, and offers access to Google’s PowerMeter. Now, it’s keeping its customers informed by enabling meters to tweet about energy use.

Each “Yello Sparzähler” smart meter (designed by IDEO) is allocated its own Twitter account, which is automatically updated with energy consumption data. The owner can follow the account to receive regular updates, leading to greater awareness and hopefully lower energy use. DIY power monitors such as Tweet-a-Watt are also capable of tweeting, but Yello Strom seems to be the first utility company to offer the service as an integral part of their smart meters.

While adding Twitter to their mix will undoubtedly give Yello Strom a PR-boost, the larger goal is to feed energy data into any tool customers may be using. As explained by Yello Executive Director Martin Vesper, “Our goal is to use as many different channels as possible to inform our customers about their energy consumption.” (Related: Smart thermostat is always onlineHome energy monitoring, delivered by Google.)


Twitter the conceirge

June 25th, 2009 by NearInteraction

A midnight snack in 140 characters? Guests at a new Maastricht hotel won’t have to leave their Twitter stream if they’re feeling peckish—they can just tweet their requests to the front desk, @townhousehotels.

Offering Twitter as an in-hotel communication tool is just one of the innovative elements at the Townhouse Hotel Maastricht, which is set to open in September. We previously covered the venture when it was still mysteriously known as Hotel X and piqued our curiosity by buying armchairs and alarm clocks from consumers. Building and decoration are still in progress, but the hotel’s identity is taking shape, and it appears to be a timely combination of technology, affordability and personality.

Via Springwise here