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Fine Collection of Curious Sound Objects

April 2nd, 2012 by NearInteraction

“The arrangement includes six exceptional exhibits from the world of sounds and acoustics. At first sight looking trivial, each object incorporates a very unique ability.

The magical character of each object is accompanied with a little story, almost completely concealing the existence of technical components such as speakers or sensors. Only small connection ports as well as the uniform black finishing point to their unusual abilities.

Processing is used for recording live audio input, modifying the playback and generating digital sound according to sensor data.

In form and functionality all these exhibits pursue John Maeda’s „Simplicity“. They are enjoying to use, they are surprising and one wants to explore and investigate them.”

Georg Reil

interacting with surfaces using sound

May 15th, 2009 by NearInteraction

Check out the new possibilities available of interacting with any kind of surface through hi-frequency sound detection. It might be a interesting idea to explore.

Scratch Input (Chris Harrison, Scott Hudson) – UIST ’08
from Designing for humans blog