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Illusion Labs Demonstrates iPhone Games on a Large Multi-Touch Table

April 7th, 2009 by NearInteraction
“The potential of multi-touch technologies generate a lot of attention here at MacRumors. Apple has clearly invested in multi-touch and we expect that they will slowing introduce more advanced versions of the technology over time. One possibility that has been discussed is that of a large multi-touch tablet or keyboard. The larger surfaces could offer unique applications including gesturing interfaces.

iPhone developer Illusion Labs released a video today showing off what their current iPhone games would look like on a large multi-touch table. The technology behind this table is from TouchTech in cooperation with Crowd.

Both TouchGrind [App Store] and Sway [App Store] are available for the iPhone and iPod Touch, but the large table interface certainly adds to the experience. In the demo, the games are running on a MacBook Pro and input from the touch table sent via a standard network cable. Both games were modified slightly to accommodate the larger screen but are essentially the same as the iPhone versions.”