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What interaction design can do for Big Society

November 8th, 2010 by NearInteraction

This is called 'Interaction Design'

If we examine the essence of interaction design, in which, according to Wikipedia, designers strive to create meaningful relationships between people and the products and services they use, and then we examine recent examples of “interaction” projects being produced, without naming names, it is quite clear that a lot of interactive technologies are being applied in their most simplistic forms, as reactive design solutions for simplistic *WOW* techniques, skillfully avoiding any conceptual design and totally bypassing any service design solutions that would connect these people in any meaningful way to the products under spotlight.

There is never a good excuse not to start! as interaction designers we have the tools to improve the quality of an interaction, it’s service. We are the puppeteers holding the strings between a service provider and a customer… We are the customer’s experience.

This is where Big Society thinking fits in so perfectly, and what’s that? “Big Society builds on thinking from the internet – it is about a change in the way we operate, about releasing information, power, and people in their streets and institutions, and supporting people to take as much or as little control over their lives from whomsoever currently hoards it – mainly government, but also other large vested interests. Once you have had a taste of the freedom offered by the internet, can you imagine going back to life without it?” (Nat Wei)

With a little creative brainstorming, a lot of research, countless user scenarios and prototype tests we can do so much more for society than *WOW*ing them with a reactive sensor. We can be the catalyst that sits between people waiting for something to happen and people being enabled to change their lives.

We are the interaction, and it doesn’t get more exciting than that!