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Supercharged Smartphones: o papel das aplicações para smartphones como ferramentas dinâmicas de marketing para o seu negócio.

January 26th, 2011 by NearInteraction

Vamos lançar a nova plataforma NearLabs com um evento inspirador sobre aplicações para smartphone.
24 e 25 Fev. 19h30 às 22h30.

O futuro mobile está a chegar. Empresários e profissionais, directores e empreendedores, devem considerar como é que vão fazer parte deste novo paradigma de oportunidades. Tal como a presença na web, que em poucos anos se tornou fundamental a qualquer empresa, as aplicações para smartphones vão tornar-se também uma necessidade para qualquer negócio.

O mercado de aplicações para smartphones está a criar um entusiasmo sem precedentes, criando novos negócios, inovando serviços e organizações, alterando radicalmente o modo como as empresas se relacionam com os seus clientes, consumidores com as suas marcas.

Nos dias 24 e 25 de Fevereiro, entre as 19h30 e as 22h30, a NearInteraction realiza um workshop “learn by doing” para discutir o papel das aplicações para smartphones como ferramentas de marketing. Um evento direccionado a uma audiência multi-disciplinar, procurando reunir profissionais de vários sectores de actividade, desde a cultura à educação, da banca à saúde, até ao turismo, media e publicidade.

Consulte aqui o programa completo do evento.
Reserve já com antecedência para obter preços especiais.
Junte-se às nossas redes sociais e habilite-se a ganhar dois convites para o Workshop Smartphones da NearLabs, em Fevereiro.

Supercharged Smartphones: the role of smartphone-apps as dynamic marketing tools for your business.

January 13th, 2011 by NearInteraction

The mobile future is coming and businesses and entrepreneurs need to consider how to play their part in it. A few years ago, it was common to come across businesses without websites. Now, a website is something no company will live without. Today, the smartphone-app market has created unprecedented excitement.

A February 2011 workshop over 2 evenings in Lisbon, Portugal discussing the role of smartphone applications as a dynamic marketing tool for your business. Perhaps your business does not need one yet… but soon, your app will be your key to your marketing strategy. Facilitated by NearLabs and the professional team at NearInteraction, this workshop is a “learning by doing” platform, covering everything you need to know about smartphone applications from technical functionalities to social context to hands-on design thinking to forecasting business models in attracting new customers and building loyalty with existing ones. NearLabs workshops result in the generation of valuable, tangible outcomes with unique intellectual property, that is co-owned by NearLabs and those participating, which is distributed to the attending participants, and made available for future use. More information to follow shortly. The workshop will be taught in English and Portuguese.

Bookings here

2011 brings a series of workshops in London and Lisbon exploring the themes of technology and interaction with…

November 25th, 2010 by NearInteraction

For 2011, NearLabs in collaboration with NearInteraction are running a series of inter-related workshops in both London and Lisbon exploring the themes of technology and interaction with… narrative, collaboration, multi-discipline, service design, community, participation, urban environment, big society… the London workshops will be conceptual and the Lisbon ones will focus on practical learning through technologies. Sounds exciting? Oh, it is!

London 2011, kicks off in February, with the “Decoding Participation, Engagement and Interaction with Technology series” with guest speakers David Barrie, Charlie Tims, Heather Ring and Steve McAdam to mention a few. Meanwhile in Lisbon, we will be exploring the potential of tablets and smartphones. In a market of  limitless potencial, the future is exciting!

The learning structure of the workshop series is a “learning together by doing” professional workshop platform for the conception of future products and services with trademarked intellectual property. Workshops are structured to utilise the combined intelligence of the participating group, facilitated by the professional team at NearLabs and supported by NearInteraction, including NearInteraction’s CEO, Diogo Terroso, Crystal Campbell (also of Narrative Ecology) and Jan van Bruggen with Nina Honiball (MAKEshift and Soundings). Typical “learning together by doing” practices include facilitated brainstorms, curated problem solving exercises, experience-based-learning, case methods and physical prototyping sessions aided by a collection of tools especially created to stimulate creative thought.

During the course of the workshop, participants will connect meaningfully over a series of conducted collaborative “learning together by doing” sessions, as they unite together. With a variety of special guests to present real life case-studies that will be applied during the workshops, this event is guaranteed to entice you into talking big and thinking bigger about services that can make a difference when we are talking people to people to technology interactions.

For more information on the events, go here:

London Workshops

Feb 05, 2011: ‘Urban App’s: when meaningful ideas connect communities with interactive technology.

Feb 19, 2011: Digital Belonging: re-thinking interactive technology for crossover scenarios within changing communities.

Mar 05, 2011: Creating Engines of Participation: the move towards enabling people to technology to community interaction.

Lisboa Lisbon Workshops (taught in English and Portuguese)

January 2011:  Tablets e Smartphones: Agarrar a cidade como o cenário das aplicações UrbanasTablets & Smartphones: Harnessing the City as a Cache for Urban based Apps.

Follow on events in Lisbon TBA

Why Location Apps of the Future Will Do Much More Than Checkins

November 10th, 2010 by NearInteraction

Sparkle is new location platform launching today from Location Labs that enables developers to more easily build sophisticated location-based iPhone and Android applications by tapping into Sparkle’s geolocation technology.

Sparkle’s platform for application developers allows for the location and identification of any handset, provides geofencing and messaging technology, offers support to control voice, data and SMS services for handsets, and can even detect mobile phone motion and velocity — a feature that could be used to auto-disable texting while driving, for instance.

The Sparkle platform will allow applications with geofencing technology, such as Neer, to become more readily available for iPhone and Android (Android) owners, and more practical in function. Geonotes can be automatically delivered to mobile users when they enter or exit certain areas; SMS messages can be auto-fired to friends when nearing their houses; parents can set up location-based controls for their children; and automatic social networking updates can be configured for certain locales.

MayorMaker and TweetMover are two iPhone applications already using Sparkle (Sparkle), and they serve as excellent proofs of concept. MayorMaker leverages the platform’s geofencing technology in conjunction with Foursquare (Foursquare), Facebook (Facebook) and Twitter APIs for automatic checkins at users’ favorite venues. TweetMover is an iPhone game that automates Twitter (Twitter) updates and rewards status badges as you move about a city.

Location-as-a-service is a growing industry that includes a number of service providers such as SimpleGeo and the Twitter-owned Mixer Labs, which provide developers with plug-and-play tools they can use to build feature-rich, location-aware applications.

Still, technology is playing catchup with these advanced applications of geolocation, a topic Foursquare’s Dennis Crowley addressed in a recent interview. Widespread consumer adoption of these technologies is likely still a few years out, but the Sparkle platform will help serve as a catalyst for developer ingenuity.

What interaction design can do for Big Society

November 8th, 2010 by NearInteraction

This is called 'Interaction Design'

If we examine the essence of interaction design, in which, according to Wikipedia, designers strive to create meaningful relationships between people and the products and services they use, and then we examine recent examples of “interaction” projects being produced, without naming names, it is quite clear that a lot of interactive technologies are being applied in their most simplistic forms, as reactive design solutions for simplistic *WOW* techniques, skillfully avoiding any conceptual design and totally bypassing any service design solutions that would connect these people in any meaningful way to the products under spotlight.

There is never a good excuse not to start! as interaction designers we have the tools to improve the quality of an interaction, it’s service. We are the puppeteers holding the strings between a service provider and a customer… We are the customer’s experience.

This is where Big Society thinking fits in so perfectly, and what’s that? “Big Society builds on thinking from the internet – it is about a change in the way we operate, about releasing information, power, and people in their streets and institutions, and supporting people to take as much or as little control over their lives from whomsoever currently hoards it – mainly government, but also other large vested interests. Once you have had a taste of the freedom offered by the internet, can you imagine going back to life without it?” (Nat Wei)

With a little creative brainstorming, a lot of research, countless user scenarios and prototype tests we can do so much more for society than *WOW*ing them with a reactive sensor. We can be the catalyst that sits between people waiting for something to happen and people being enabled to change their lives.

We are the interaction, and it doesn’t get more exciting than that!

Choper 2

August 16th, 2010 by NearInteraction
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August 16th, 2010 by NearInteraction

“iTeleport, a magical app that lets you control your computer from anywhere in the world”

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Multi Touch Light Table: GERGWERK

August 16th, 2010 by NearInteraction


August 16th, 2010 by NearInteraction

touchless control technology

August 16th, 2010 by NearInteraction

“fraunhofer’s fit is the latest touchless control system that uses gestures to control computer interfaces.
the design is unique because it requires no special equipment, gloves or other wearable controllers.
the user simply places their hands in the air in front of a camera. the computer can then sense their
hand and can visually see each finger. the users movements are then translated on screen allowing
them to manipulate objects through various gestures and motions. the system is so sophisticated it
can operate in three-dimensions, allowing various objects to be manipulated at varying depths.”

Via Designboom, video after the Jump.