StoryTelling cards launch at NearLab event, “Urban Apps” in London, this week.

February 3rd, 2011 by NearInteraction

An indepth article written by NearLab’s media partner Imperica, interviews Nina Honiball and Caf Fean on the development of NearLab’s StoryTelling cards:

“At this point in the conversation, Honiball demonstrates a set of cards to facilitate community storytelling, and developed by NearInteraction’s team of futurists, NearLab. The cards comprise of seven parts of the “hero’s journey”, ending in a conclusion and outcomes.

As Honiball observes, the cards are simple, but can be used it in any given degree of complexity. Storytelling is ancient, intuitive, and are how we make sense of life. The “Urban App” comes through in the setting: the desire to facilitate an outcome that is brought to life through the storytelling process. “It’s easier when you see this as an impossible possibility: a dream in reality. A rich process informs a beautiful outcome.

Expectations are particularly explored with the earlier cards in the series. In asking “What if?” and applying different scenarios, the outcomes are changed. These small tweaks can make a big difference, in terms of building both physical and virtual communities. What if the Government’s cuts continue in terms of council services? What if the interface was changed to our blog? What if we used real people rather than actors, in our campaign? As Fean observes, this is akin to “running a risk assessment on a storyline”.

As storytelling becomes increasingly prevalent through all parts of the creative process, across an increasingly wide range of media, it is useful to understand how even the most minor tweak in the process achieves a very different outcome – and exposes the fine line between success and failure.

Both Nina and Caf will be speaking at Urban Apps, a NearLabs event which connects ideas, communities, and interactive technology. Urban Apps takes place in London, on Saturday 5 February. Use the code NEAR15 for a 15% discount.”

excerpt via Imperica