Supercharged Smartphones: the role of smartphone-apps as dynamic marketing tools for your business.

January 13th, 2011 by NearInteraction

The mobile future is coming and businesses and entrepreneurs need to consider how to play their part in it. A few years ago, it was common to come across businesses without websites. Now, a website is something no company will live without. Today, the smartphone-app market has created unprecedented excitement.

A February 2011 workshop over 2 evenings in Lisbon, Portugal discussing the role of smartphone applications as a dynamic marketing tool for your business. Perhaps your business does not need one yet… but soon, your app will be your key to your marketing strategy. Facilitated by NearLabs and the professional team at NearInteraction, this workshop is a “learning by doing” platform, covering everything you need to know about smartphone applications from technical functionalities to social context to hands-on design thinking to forecasting business models in attracting new customers and building loyalty with existing ones. NearLabs workshops result in the generation of valuable, tangible outcomes with unique intellectual property, that is co-owned by NearLabs and those participating, which is distributed to the attending participants, and made available for future use. More information to follow shortly. The workshop will be taught in English and Portuguese.

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