2011 brings a series of workshops in London and Lisbon exploring the themes of technology and interaction with…

November 25th, 2010 by NearInteraction

For 2011, NearLabs in collaboration with NearInteraction are running a series of inter-related workshops in both London and Lisbon exploring the themes of technology and interaction with… narrative, collaboration, multi-discipline, service design, community, participation, urban environment, big society… the London workshops will be conceptual and the Lisbon ones will focus on practical learning through technologies. Sounds exciting? Oh, it is!

London 2011, kicks off in February, with the “Decoding Participation, Engagement and Interaction with Technology series” with guest speakers David Barrie, Charlie Tims, Heather Ring and Steve McAdam to mention a few. Meanwhile in Lisbon, we will be exploring the potential of tablets and smartphones. In a market of  limitless potencial, the future is exciting!

The learning structure of the workshop series is a “learning together by doing” professional workshop platform for the conception of future products and services with trademarked intellectual property. Workshops are structured to utilise the combined intelligence of the participating group, facilitated by the professional team at NearLabs and supported by NearInteraction, including NearInteraction’s CEO, Diogo Terroso, Crystal Campbell (also of Narrative Ecology) and Jan van Bruggen with Nina Honiball (MAKEshift and Soundings). Typical “learning together by doing” practices include facilitated brainstorms, curated problem solving exercises, experience-based-learning, case methods and physical prototyping sessions aided by a collection of tools especially created to stimulate creative thought.

During the course of the workshop, participants will connect meaningfully over a series of conducted collaborative “learning together by doing” sessions, as they unite together. With a variety of special guests to present real life case-studies that will be applied during the workshops, this event is guaranteed to entice you into talking big and thinking bigger about services that can make a difference when we are talking people to people to technology interactions.

For more information on the events, go here:

London Workshops

Feb 05, 2011: ‘Urban App’s: when meaningful ideas connect communities with interactive technology.

Feb 19, 2011: Digital Belonging: re-thinking interactive technology for crossover scenarios within changing communities.

Mar 05, 2011: Creating Engines of Participation: the move towards enabling people to technology to community interaction.

Lisboa Lisbon Workshops (taught in English and Portuguese)

January 2011:  Tablets e Smartphones: Agarrar a cidade como o cenário das aplicações UrbanasTablets & Smartphones: Harnessing the City as a Cache for Urban based Apps.

Follow on events in Lisbon TBA