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March 19th, 2009 by NearInteraction

NUI Suite Snowflake for thin LCD, Plasma and TFT solutions

“Natural User Interface (NUI) now offers NUI Suite Snowflake for thin LCD, Plasma and TFT solutions.

NUI recently partnered up with NextWindow™, an international leader in the development of optical multi-touch technology and the manufacturer of optical multi-touch screens, overlays and OEM touch components.”

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Interactive Displays Conference 2009

Conference info.

NUI Group is proud to announce its partnership with the Interactive Displays Conference 2009 that will focus on the “state of the art” status of NUI and multi-touch technologies. We are bringing together the most creative and influential minds in the community, from designers and developers to executives and partners, which will shape the future of our industry. ”



Project showcase: Multi-Touch Table | 2008 ongoing

Table drawing/pictureTable showing test application

Just one more multi-touch table project but with a lot of documentation including a detailed pdf describing the process, mouting parts, etc.



Project showcase : iSi / eMotion Control 2.1

Probably a rear-DI multi-touch table, but with a diferent aproach to the interaction.



Project showcase: Impress – flexible display