Adaptive Path’s UX Week 2008

February 23rd, 2009 by NearInteraction

I saw the first presentation this year at shift and liked it a lot.

“Below is a link to video of Dennis Wixon’s presentation at Adaptive Path’s UX Week 2008.  He discusses the history of user interfaces and the move from GUI to NUI, and the prediction of XUI in the future, and also discusses how psychology has played a role in the evolution of interaction and interface design.  The video is about 30 minutes, and is worth watching.

The following video is from the same conference.  Don Norman, the grandfather of UX and usability, in my opinion, provides good advice for UX people trying to make their ideas known in the business world.  Don Norman was the co-author of one of my psychology textbooks when I was an undergraduate student a long, long time ago.  His earlier work was in cognitive psychology.  This video is about an hour long and is especially informative if you are just now learning about interaction design:

Last, but not least, is Dan Saffer’s talk at UX 2008.  He’s the author of Designing Gesture Interfaces.”