EHCI- Enhanced Human Computer Interface

September 5th, 2008 by NearInteraction
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NUI Group in collaboration with Google Summer of Code & Daniel Lélis Baggio introduce the EHCI project.

Project Overview

This application is a webcam image processing library on top of OpenCV intended to generate events from user’s head, hand and body movements. This library is also intended to track objects so that augmented reality can be made. In order to enhance human computer interaction, the application is going to use a single webcam, without the needs to use FTIR or Diffused Illumination techniques. Besides tracking positions, this library will also be able to provide higher level events and gestures like get 3d user position, and open hand gestures. Collision with virtual objects is also considered in augmented reality. Might cover topics such as: 2d/3d head tracking, hand/finger tracking, body tracking, gesture recognition, fiducial marks, motion velocity, augmented reality object tracking. (…)

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