A new week ahead…

July 7th, 2008 by NearInteraction

We have just had the weekly brief and talked over the weekly goals and what everyone will be doing.

To mention a few things, we still have to find a solution for the silicone surface to be under the top layer on the screen. We had problems getting the surface even last week.

Also the work with calibrating the touch libraries/blob detection will continue and hopefully be ready on Friday.

Friday afternoon (20080704) the cables connecting the LED’s on the frame were grouped together and put in cable wrapping to not get tangled up or mixed together.

The edges were covered also on top with the silver tape for better reflection into the screen.

The whole table was covered with a black “skirt” to avoid daylight from coming in on the sides.

On the top of the screen is now paper which happened to be more sensitive than the Rosco materials when looking at the reaction to touch. It has disadvantages though when it comes to projection (and also durability I would say) in comparison.

Now the only daylight interfering with the screen is the one coming in through the paper. It has made a great difference on the clarity of the blobs = points were pressure is applied which should make the response from the software interpreting it much clearer.