E3 Progress 2008-06-25

June 26th, 2008 by NearInteraction

The LED’s have been soldered together and connected to the cam and the plexi has been laid on top.

When doing a first test with making the camera react to the body heat from fingers touching the plexi, it showed that the angle of the lens on the camera is not wide enough for the size of screen we have – atleast not on this short distance. A wider angle lens is needed on the camera for it to work all over the surface of the screen.

The edges of the frame were taped to make the LED-light shine more straight ahead and not spread light upwards.

The software needs to be tweaked a bit more to react quicker to the heat of the fingers and also we might have to cover the sides of the whole “table” to avoid (infra) light from leaking through and interfering with the signals.

We wanted to try with some other type of surface aswell. Ordinary office paper turned out to be too thick so
it was changed for a thinner type of paper (tracing paper) and it seemed to do the job better.

A test was done with seeing how the camera reacts to a light shining through the paper lying on top of the
screen and displaying it as rectangular shapes moving around on a computer screen.